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College Falafel

Toronto's #1 Choice for Healthy Mediterranean Food! offering a wide range of Mediterranean cuisine prepared daily with only fresh ingredients. All of our dishes are authentic & home made from scratch! Don't forget to read this article https://www.insidetoronto.ca/article/62225 where our Falafel is regarded as the best. At College Falafel we are known for cooking fresh, healthy, quality products with excellent tastes. We are focused on making healthy Mediterranean foods, but also are influenced by Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Donair. At College Falafel the food is healthy. Everything is made fresh from scratch. Our menu is largely influenced by the Albanian, Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern cultures. All of these countries belong to the Mediterranean. In Mediterranean cuisine the vegetables are the main ingredients of most dishes. Mediterranean Cuisine is thousands of years old, and still, it�s continuing to be enriched with new dishes inspired by the cultures which put dedication and delicacy in their table menus. We make fresh salads and soups. Our Shawarmas are made with chicken, beef or lamb. We offer a very tasty Chicken Souvlaki Dinner with Tzatziki. Have it as a plate with your choice of sides, or get it in a pita! We make homemade burgers too! All dinners are a combination of salads with curried rice mixed with vegetables,or curried potatoes. and your choice of falafel or stuffed eggplant as vegetarian dinner, or any kind of meat of our menu have a taste you never forget. We have many great vegetarian snacks and dishes we highly recommend trying: Stuffed Eggplant, Red or Green Stuffed Peppers, and the Falafel Pita, just to name some popular choices. Looking for something sweet? Try our rice pudding, cookies, almond and walnut cakes, and what would any good Mediterranean menu be without delicious baklava? End your meal off with a special cup of our Turkish coffee! [Check out our noticeboard to read the extensive biography.]

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